The Issues

* Affordable Housing and Planning

* Emergency Preparedness

* Communication & City Operations

* Transportation

* Infrastructure Challenges

* Business Development


Sierra Club

​Marin Professional Firefighters

Congressman Jared Huffman

Mayor Andy Berman

Former Mayor Betsey Cutler

Former Mayor Dennis Fisco

Former Mayor Kathleen Foote

Former Mayor John Leonard

Vice Mayor Shawn Marshall

Former Mayor Anne B. Solem

Former Mayor Christopher Raker

Former Mayor Clifford Waldeck

 Jessica has a life long dedication to public service and a deep commitment to Mill Valley- the town where she grew up and returned to raise her daughter.

Jessica's story

1) Walk precincts! This is a fun way to get out in the community and help spread my message to likely voters.  

2) Host a small coffee so I can speak directly to your neighbors and friends.  I am also happy to meet you and your friends at a coffee shop if that makes it easier to meet. 

3) Endorse & Email your Mill Valley friends to tell them why you chose to support me and urge them to do the same November 5th!  This is an incredibly effective way to reach many voters and can be done from home in just a few minutes.  

4) Consider contributing to help get my message out to voters.  Please consider making a contribution.

Get Involved!